The definition of CrossFit is “Constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements.” In other words, we take daily movement required by every person regardless of age, gender, or job description, analyze how to become more efficient at these movements, and increase our work capacity. We make people leaner, stronger, healthier, and build a community to reinforce and support healthy lifestyles.

CrossFit 78155 has been building confident members of our community 24/7 since we opened our doors in 2007. We now offer more than 30 classes per week, offer a staffed open box 24/7, and regularly host and compete in local and regional competitions.

Our passion comes from helping people achieve their goals and accomplish what they never thought possible. Our coaches are dedicated to designing the most effective and safe program around. They are trained and certified as CF-L2 Trainers, CF Mobility, CF Kettle bell, CF Weightlifting, CF Gymnastics, CF Kids and many, many more.